June 7 2018

Dazed Gold Crest

This little fellow crashed into one of the school windows back in 2008. It is a male Gold Crest, Ireland’s smallest bird. You can tell it is a male from the orange (gold) feathers at the back of his crest. You will have to watch the video closely to catch a glimpse.

After his video debut he was placed in a shoe box in a warm dark room to relax and recover from his accident.  The club members fed him flies for the rest of the school day.

He made a full recovery and was released back into the school tree line that evening.  He immediately flew up into a tree and began to sing to let everyone know he was still around!

Here is a similar story from YouTube. (You may not be able to watch this video on the Irish School Broadband Service depending on your schools filter settings.)


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Posted 7th June 2018 by oide in category video

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I am a retired primary school teacher living in Dublin, Ireland. I began teaching in 1973 and I have always had an interest in technology and communications.

28 thoughts on “Dazed Gold Crest

  1. codelocker

    The bird is so cute!!! Also the top video looks like it was made in 2000 BC. So a while ago. Also in the top video did you notice the computers in the backround? I think they were from 2000 BC. Now I have to figure out how they got the computers and brought them to 2008? I guess we will never know.

  2. supercoder

    The bird is so cute and did you know that the Gold Crest bird is the smallest bird in Ireland!!!!!!<:

  3. piglover

    The Gold Crest is a beautiful bird. I can’t believe the poor bird crashed into a window. I’m glad he nourished back to health though!

  4. Joe Molloy

    Thank you for all your comments. What did we learn from this video test besides the fact that the Gold Creat is a cute little bird?

    The first video is an MPEG4 video stored o the edublogs server. It was slow to load and buffered every few seconds.

    The second video was streamed from YouTube. It was faster, no buffering and high resolution.

    So . . . I have set up our own dojo YouTube video channel.

    1. piglover

      The Youtube one is sooooooo much better than the MPEG4? video. I can’t wait to see the youtube channel!!!


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