Social Media Links Missing!

A few parents have asked about the setting up of text alerts, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook accounts for the dojo for communication and promotion purposes.


The dojo already has a Twitter account and it will run in tandem with the website. The website was launched yesterday in the Computer Room in preparation for Open Day 2018. All postings to the website will be tweeted as a link.

The dojo email address is sasnscoderdojo[at] – remove [at] and replace with @ when mailing.

In order to have a WhatsApp account or texting for that matter, the dojo would need a dedicated mobile phone number. This would be expensive to run unless a smart phone is donated and the account sponsored.

Champions and mentors are advised to communicate with parents and guardians directly and not to text the ninjas. It is the parents and guardians responsibility to pass on the message.

Eventbrite offer a free event notification service via email. Many private dojos use the service to avoid their calendar of events appearing on the CoderDojo website and thereby attracting outsiders to their closed dojo.

Facebook is open to too much abuse by third parties so the dojo will not have a Facebook account unless a specific tailored child friendly version is released and policed.

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