Dazed Gold Crest

This little fellow crashed into one of the school windows back in 2008. It is a male Gold Crest, Ireland’s smallest bird. You can tell it is a male from the orange (gold) feathers at the back of his crest. You will have to watch the video closely to catch a glimpse.

After his video debut he was placed in a shoe box in a warm dark room to relax and recover from his accident.  The club members fed him flies for the rest of the school day.

He made a full recovery and was released back into the school tree line that evening.  He immediately flew up into a tree and began to sing to let everyone know he was still around!

Here is a similar story from YouTube. (You may not be able to watch this video on the Irish School Broadband Service depending on your schools filter settings.)


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  1. The bird is so cute!!! Also the top video looks like it was made in 2000 BC. So a while ago. Also in the top video did you notice the computers in the backround? I think they were from 2000 BC. Now I have to figure out how they got the computers and brought them to 2008? I guess we will never know.

  2. The Gold Crest is a beautiful bird. I can’t believe the poor bird crashed into a window. I’m glad he nourished back to health though!

  3. Thank you for all your comments. What did we learn from this video test besides the fact that the Gold Creat is a cute little bird?

    The first video is an MPEG4 video stored o the edublogs server. It was slow to load and buffered every few seconds.

    The second video was streamed from YouTube. It was faster, no buffering and high resolution.

    So . . . I have set up our own dojo YouTube video channel.

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